Aura by Kinetic was launched in 2022. AURA is inspired by the idea of immaterial space enclosing humans, animals, and objects. The layers of the scent surround a person like a net of vibrations. AURA’s distinctive hue is a symbol of warmth, sensuality, and the color of its keynote: raspberry.

First, a flash! A beam of sparks, dazzling cold. We wanted AURA to begin with luminosity and brightness. The fragrance opens with dry, slightly spicy notes of Calabrian bergamot. Brisk, shimmering, slightly resinous, a bit fruity, it balances the mouth-watering freshness of Brazilian orange, the thrilling bitter-sweet interplay of grapefruit and pineapple, but AURA is primarily red, the intoxicating density of raspberries, the appetizing sensuality of passion fruit. Hot, pulsating, carnal, harmoniously blending with the narcotic notes of Indian jasmine sambac. You can envelop yourself in it discreetly, keeping it close to your skin, or dive into it headfirst, for full olfactory overdose. The scent anchors on the skin with nuances of oakmoss and oriental musk broken with indulgent notes of caramel. AURA, is an invisible force field, an emanation of inner energy.

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