Blackout by Rito is a fragrance for women and men. Blackout was launched in 2022.

Even the dark is a place. In the Absence of Light there is Life, a reality made up of incredible performances to which this scent has been given. While poetic Sparks sail across the sky, humans & nature enliven this mysterious spectacle. In Blackout eigns the oldest state in the universe: THE DARK. For the Soul, Light & dark are parto f the same dimension. The life of human beings is still much more concentrated in light today. It is a if in it their actions have more importante, but is this the reality? In the night we have the opportunity to see further, not only the stars & galaxias but everything that is invisible in daylight. Blackout is a clear break in the history of RITO, as is the  oment in which sight loses its noble power to rely on the other senses.