Capriccio by Somens was launched in 2022. An open heart and mind together with an exquisite sense of smell is the art to linking cultures through fragances. Capriccio as the Italian word says, is the instant pleasure when your wish comes true. Capriccio represents the tropics, the warmth on sunny days, the freshness of fruits and the elegant breeze of the sea. Capriccio is the heart and soul, the marriage of tolerance and joy in Miami when memories of the tropic are welcomed by the avatar of new land. Capriccio is the perfect combination of sweetness, elegance, freshness and attractiveness. The base is a combination of Abedul wood and musk to give the depth turning into pachouli and saffron to keep the sweetness. The intensity stems from a large seasoning of the fruits ananas, bergamot and blueberries with a jazmin touch to soften the citrus.

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