Fenice by Gritti was launched in 2020. Time is still, for a moment. Expectations, murmurs, excitement. Then astonishment. From here, it seems like everything has been contrived and invented, yet nothing is fake. Theatre. Full of passions, intrigues, crimes. Discoveries and hope. Every day is full of possibilities. The future becomes a reality. The past, history: just a voice to listen to. Eden smells of new fruits, with lilies and magnolias lighting it up with purity and whiteness. Water, all around.

Dedicated to the Teatro La Fenice and dressed in scarlet velvet, the same as the curtain that hides the main stage, Luca Gritti’s Fenice is a homage to the most famous Italian opera house. Intro, rising, climax: the perfume’s two poles are a powerful passion fruit note and honeyed amber accord masterfully sealed with a drop of fresh peach juice. The standing ovation ― and the sillage to remember.

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