Florane by Nishane is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women. Florane was launched in 2019.

Florane is, you guessed it, a floral scent, with a powerful & complex heart of violet, muguet & jasmine, but if you’re picturing a demure, powdered white floral, think again- kissed with bright, juicy fruit & sweetened with warm, ambered woods, Florane is a vivid, vibrant, unforgettably sexy floral rich with delightfully unexpected combinations. An opening of beautifully tart grapefruit & aromatic cassis set the stage for the aforementioned floral heart, which feels neither overly vintage nor simplistically youthful- rather, it’s a sexy, modern, three-dimensional bouquet that grows more dynamic still with the warm, woodsy base of amber, hinoki, musk & the perfect touch of sweet vanilla. The result is a striking, long-lasting & complex floral that can transition from sweatpants to soirees & back again without breaking stride.

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