Killer Vavoom by Azman is a Amber Floral fragrance for women and men. Killer Vavoom was launched in 2022.

A fusion of East and West, a tune in unison of osmanthus and chocolate. Decadent to the core, Killer Vavoom is an ode to harmonizing between extremes in a subtle and eternally fashionable style.

A delectable whiff of coco is what engulfs you upon the first spritz. Lip-smacking. Audacious. Wait a second, or two, and you will experience the mystifying spell of the eastern flower of osmanthus. 

The journey is vivified with more precious flowers in the opulent heart such as iris, jasmine and rose augmenting the core of the scent, before the whole aromatic blend segues into a rapturous finale with oakmoss, and musky leather. This is a scent of desire without limits.

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