Kisses Rain Labios Rotos by Renier was launched in 2021. Kisses Rain Broken Lips is a sensual & modern perfume, floral, it is a sophisticated & spicy fragrance, strong, creamy & with the charm of conquest. From the start of the perfume we find a sense of balance. Here no element is more predominant than another. Fresh spicy & airy notes are perceived that begin to evolve towards a Heliotrope & almond that provide creaminess but without losing the fresh effect of the beginning of the trip. It is a rain of kisses for a modern love, just like her older sister but this time with more sensuality, taking care of the details & the contact full of sensuality. It is more elegant & more abstract. The note of coffee gives it seriousness & at the same time longing, memories of a distant love, unforgettable or perhaps unattainable, but this time with the feeling of dreams come true. Cedar wood & a light touch of oud combined with sandalwood give us depth & elasticity. A perfume that ends your trip with a high dose of addiction & wanting to repeat the experience. a base of vanilla with musks & brushstrokes of labdanum to give the piece depth & achieve an approaching effect. an insatiable love!

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