Kitten Heel by Roberto Ugolini was launched in 2019. A kitten heel is the little sister of the high heel, measuring to a maximum height of five centimetres. In the 1950s, they were mainly favoured by petite, feminine stars such as Audrey Hepburn, who made the style perennially popular. Recently, the retro style has come back into fashion, with feminine curves, dainty ankles, and a freshly powdered complexion very much in vogue. The advantages to the kitten heel are clear – they are far more comfortable than high heels, suitable for every day and office wear, and yet retain a kittenish, girlish kind of glamour that’s never not charming.

Kitten Heel by Roberto Ugolini is as feminine and effortless as its namesake shoe. Velvety apricots and the soft, banana-ish ylang immediately set the dial of the perfume at ‘femme’, an opening that almost purrs in your ear like a Persian kitten. In the heart, a minty, rosy geranium leaf introduces a touch of freshness, kissed by the balsamic warmth of precious woods, resins, and the milky vanilla warmth of tonka bean. This scent indeed feels as timeless and as chic as stepping into a kitten heel

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