Meluzyna by Le Frag was launched in 2022. For some, she is a character from ancient legends – a sorceress whose body from the waist down was a snake or dragon’s tail. For me, raised in Poland, she is the heroine of a song about an unhappy, scorned love from the cult children’s movie “Travels of Mr. Kleks”.

When I first heard the song about Melusine, I was literally a few years old. I loved it – I often stood in front of the mirror and sang it at full volume to a deodorant pretending to be a microphone. Although I didn’t fully grasp its meaning, I felt incredible emotions and “shivers” all over my body.

Years later, I imagine Melusine as a mermaid who once in a while leaves her underwater kingdom. Thanks to magic, she gains a fully human form for a few hours and goes out on land. Probably she does this during a full moon.What drives her? The inaccessible scents of spruce, cardamom, nutmeg and pepper in the deep? She might have known them when she witnessed the disaster of a merchant ship that lost its cargo in a storm.
But the smell is too little to expose to danger or ridicule. Unless… it is inextricably linked to a strong feeling.

Melusine has loved someone so much that she is not afraid of death or rejection. He is the one she tries to find during her clandestine trips to the mainland. That’s why the aromas of sea and land are combined in this fragrance. They remind her of that one shared moment of closeness with someone she should never love.

Melusine – her character and this fragrance – symbolizes for me a love stronger than fear

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