Nefs by Nishane is an Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. Nefs was launched in 2019.

Nefs is a luxurious interpretation of the oriental notes. Like Istanbul itself, the masterful creations of Nishane straddle the line between Europe & Asia, synthesizing the palettes & traditions of both in the service of dynamic, modern perfumery. It’s unsurprising that Nefs, conceptualized as the line’s flagship oriental scent, strives for a new, modern oriental- an East-meets-West portrait of refined luxury to sway even those who dislike oriental fragrances. Like a breeze blowing from the east across the Bosphorus, Nefs is an exquisite oriental that bridges the gap between civilizations. A scent to revive the fantasies told by the stories of One Thousand and One Nights of the Orient. Nefs is the most underated & unknow fragrante of the collection, a hidden gem, a fragrante with hype between the scent connoisseurs. A master piece.

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