Nilufer by Nilafar du Nil was launched in 2021. Nilufer was the intended name for the brand, the name is the ancient Arabic name for the lotus flower, but we faced difficulty registering the name in Egypt so we moved on with our current name Nilafar Du Nil a name that we are very proud of as it reached heights beyond what we initially expected in a very short period of time and used Nilufer as our logo. Fast forward to July 2021 we are launching our first formula with master perfumer Chris Maurice a name that was a dream so far fetched to the creative director of the brand yet it came true -the creative director was a collector and a frag head before being a part of the industry-. We proposed to Mr. Chris we wanted something between a gourmand and a fougere and he worked his magic with french lavender and Filbertone with a hefty dose of musk but the result is sumptuous and very elegant, today we honor our work with such a great perfumer honoring our first proposed brand name Nilufer and naming this formula after this name.

The quaint yet modern formula is truly universal and will appeal to almost every taste building itself in mosaic style drawing the bigger picture with all the small bits into a grand piece of art akin to Hassan II mosque beautiful mosaics.

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