De Lirius by Renier Perfumes is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men. De Lirius was launched in 2019.

De Lirius represents peace and balance. It is a clean and reassuring fragrance, especially inspired by the Cuban flower Ginger Lily (White butterfly) as well as its habitat.

its green and creamy departure with tropical sparkles where the fruit of the soursop is perceived, and the green freshness of the leaves of the guava tree typical of the Cuban fields, recreate the first minutes of this trip.

When the perfume begins to dry, very gently as the spring rain, is when the floral white notes accompanied by the smell of tropical moist earth take center stage. As if we were in the authentic Cuba of 1895, where everything was unchanged by the modern human being. A fragrance that brings us the feeling of planting a new tree with white flowers.

A tribute to the beauty of the Taino Indians. The perfume ends its long journey with Haitian Vetiver tones moistened by the greenery of the foliage and resting on the tropical woods of cedar and Guayacán! It is a piece of art inspired by a white flower! De Lirius is a Taíno girl who gathers the flowers of the butterfly on the banks of the Toa River, in Cuba.

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