Riad Jasmine by Azman is a Floral fragrance for women and men. Riad Jasmine was launched in 2022.

A contemporary interpretation of the sensual Jasmine flower, inspired by Moroccan lodges that represent a paradisiacal retreat. The divine courtyard of a Riad with all its magnificent botanical scene complementing the artistry of mosaics & exquisite gypsum decorations. 

Riad Jasmine is where East meets West. The oriental soul in a western guise. A much-needed time-off to discover new territories whose smells haunt a pilgrim.

The introduction embodies the delicious treats of berries, tangerine, date and all the goodies you revel in as you recline next to a fountain in the middle of a Riad.

The heart opens up with a bouquet of Jasmine and Lily of the Valley. Your scene at this moment is augmented by the generous opulence of oud asserting the magical union with the East.

The musky notes come to add a touch of utter joy. This scent is an ode to loving oneself. It’s you knowing that you count above all.

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