Sillage by Kinetic was launched in 2022. The French word sillage means the wake left in the water by a sailing ship. In the context of scent, sillage is described as a trail of perfume lingering in the air after a person has left. The train of a dress, a peacock’s tail, an invisible track. Right behind you.

SILLAGE is composed like a photography with a long exposure time. What for the human eye is a point, becomes a line in the eye of the lens. Light takes on a physical presence, materializes, and becomes permanent. The composition opens with notes of oud, but not as a clear image – more as an afterimage. Agarwood usually takes over the entire space, giving the scent a dark undertone – in SILLAGE, the oud is a light ribbon along which the other ingredients have been arranged. Imagine a vast, open landscape, rugged hills closing the horizon, with clear-cut parallel lines slashing the image into two equal parts. We blurred the lines with subtle notes of saffron and violet, which act like a gentle motion softening the contours, a barely noticeable vibration. SILLAGE is a fragrance balancing on the verge of impressions. Its individual elements are fluid, as if in constant motion. It transports us from the dry roughness of resins to the warm embraces of musk and vanilla discreetly and quietly. A sillage usually says “I’ve been here”. The scent boldly states “I am present” – like an aftertaste, an imprint of a body on the sheets, the emotion left by a touch.

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