Song For a Wanderer by Azman is a Amber Floral fragrance for women and men. Song For a Wanderer was launched in 2022.

An orchestration of notes created to celebrate the sunny side of life; Song for a Wanderer is a tribute to those who are in love with the golden rays of the sun and nurse a passion for iconic citric scents that embody the soul of distance and acres of blooming lemon and bergamot trees. The bloom is an amalgam of orange blossom mystified by a lemony zest that brings out the magic of the Mediterranean vistas.

The journey of the scent mimics the journey into the golden fields of summertime yet sprinkled with the spell of raspberry and augmented by passion fruit. This very much summarizes the initial blast of the scent. The heart takes you on a journey with a hint of wet land – a passing of a tender drizzle that brings out the spirit of the land with a hint of smoky shadows and tagette.

The lilt of the dry down immerses you in the herbal presence made up of a fusion between cedar, sandalwood and generous whiff of oud that lasts hours on your skin with the majesty of musk and moss.

Song For A Wanderer is personal aura that defines you with an asserting projection. It’s a unisex concoction that appeals to everybody irrespective of gender. It’s a scent of oneself.

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