Tempo Perso by e-Suitcase was launched in 2019. 7 a.m. The alarm rings, I get out of bed, to avoid wasting time I check the diary with my daily commitments whilst heading towards the shower, I put on some lipstick in the car and I rush to work. Oh dear, three red traffic lights! Why is everyone so slow? Reminder on the mobile: remember to pop into the
supermarket and get some milk, but after 8 p.m, so there’s less of a queue. You hate wasting time! You park, and before getting out of the car you look at the watch: 15 minutes early, it wasn’t that late. It’s all in your mind, you know?
Time flies, it’s true, but not as fast as you would like, everything in the world follows its own pace. “Wasted” time, as you call it, could become an opportunity. Find some time to waste time, it’s something necessary! Use that time to think, to read, or even to rest. Sometimes doing nothing is the most difficult thing in the world. Waste some time, it’s the best way to spend it.

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