Unreal by Kinetic was launched in 2022. The things we call unreal are not the ones that are impossible to happen and therefore never will – conversely, an unreal event is the one that took place against all rules of logic, probability, and reason. Unreal is the serendipity, the hidden order of things so much larger than us, the beauty of chaos unraveling right there, in front of our senses

UNREAL touches you before you even notice its existence. A warm hand covers your fingers. A silky cheek pressing against yours. A firm embrace of confident arms. It’s all about the senses here – white iris murmurs soft layers of suede, studded with spices – opaque black pepper, coarse juniper berries, ginger more opaline than onyx. Inhale! And brace yourself for the ensuing exhilaration, being taken awash by Amalfi lemon! Once the wave crashes, it recedes, leaving you awe-stricken, euphoric – how did this even happen?! So many heartbeats! Headrush, excitement, words fail you. And then, silence. A distant hum of leather and resins approaches you, fearlessly. Close your eyes. Let yourself be enveloped by the uncanny, the dark light, the bright darkness. Things that take a moment, last forever.

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