Verdigris by Kinetic was launched in 2022. Is a sea without blue even possible? VERDIGRIS plays the notion of seawater on a completely new plane, shifting the concept towards the land. Here, the sea is born at the intersection of the sky, the air, and the sun.

VERDIGRIS is the color of the patina covering copper surfaces. Its noble green, interspersed with flecks of gray, brings to mind salt blown by the wind from the ocean onto the roofs of Mediterranean houses. Here, the classic freshness of citrus has only been given a third-place role – where proud Italian lemons and oranges usually stand in the center of attention, they are only a discreet background here. VERDIGRIS deconstructs the classic chypre and brilliantly reassembles its traditional elements. The silky bouquet of flowers – freesia, rose and reseda – is studded with spicy notes of nutmeg and coriander. Against their background, the wet, shimmering calone is transparent, almost white. Not sweet, but appetizing. Expressive, though not overly woody. Ethereal, but resonant. VERDIGRIS, salt that is ice-cold as snow.

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