Viraha by Liliana Paduano was launched in 2021. In Hindi language, Viraha means a vivid love thought, it’s more than just a word. It’s the awareness of loving someone that grows within us the very moment we separate from them. Abandonment, absence, separation are moods where the flame of passion never stops burning. It’s the essence of love that never dries up, the scent of a loved one who’s far away and we’re longing for every single minute. It strengthens the bond and warms the heart.

A niche perfume, a unique Made in Italy fragrance For us, the Made in Italy brand is fundamental: it means participating in a network of small and large local craftsmanship industries, all linked by the common thread of their own excellence as well as the passion that keeps them together. Viraha is a perfume for the few, a niche product characterized by top notch features: perfection and elegance coexist in a sophisticated frangrance. The quality and the refinement of the raw materials make it suitable for everyone, but at the same time it is only for a few

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